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Perfect For Looking Great On That Special Day

Self Care Facial $79.00

Spa Moisture BathTry our hands on Self Care Facial

Advisors will guide you step by step. See how you can get salon results in your own home. Best results will occur when a series of facials are undertaken. Ask about our discount vouchers.
Facial Time : Approx 60min

Moisteane Pro Facial $125 (membership price $115)

Spa Moisture BathPamper your skin with our unique facial massage

A deep revitalising cleansing and re-hydration treatment with our natural beauty essence will leave your skin feeling and looking amazing. This facial is sure to have you coming back for more.
Facial Time : Approx. 70min

Lamino Pro Facial $110.00 (membership price $100)

Spa Moisture BathPamper your skin with our unique new Lamino Machine facial massage

It's unique beauty therapy from Japan. Treat your skin gently without damage from rubbing. Deep cleansing makes your skin much cleaner and fresh. Including Pro relaxation which is pulse massage on the back and shoulders that makes you very relaxed and head massage included also that makes you feel wonderful.

Deluxe Pro Facial $145 (membership price $135)

Spa Moisture BathUpgrade your Moisteane Pro Facial

Upgrade your Moisteane Pro Facial with a relaxing Foot Spa and Foot Care Massage. Melt away stress and tension with our spine relaxation. Leave our salon feeling totally relaxed with a cleare, brither, balanced complexion.
Facila Time : Approx 90min.

*Get 5 x Pro Facial Voucher at 20%off, with 6months validity

Moisteane Foot Spa $15.00

On your feel all day?

15min foot spa to relax revive. Relax in the aroma of Lavender oil and soak your tired feet in our Spa Beauty Essences.

Relaxation in 15 Mins

Pro Relaxation $15.00
Foot Care $15.00
Foot Spa $15.00

Triple Course Relaxation in 1/2hr $45.00

Pro Relaxation, Foot Care and Care


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